No matter what your gender is, you could still be a candidate for a yeast infection. You may acquire it or if you already have this condition before, recurrence may be included in the picture. So, how to prevent yeast infections?

Prevention is considered to be as the best treatment option for any kind of infection or diseases. The same principle applies when it comes to yeast infection that is entailed with bothering signs and symptoms. For you not to develop or prevent recurrence, this page has just listed a number of anticipatory measures.

Observe your garments

The yeast agents favour a moist and warm environment. When you wear tight clothing such as skinny jeans and fit clothes and undergarments that are made from nylon and Lycra, you do not allow air to pass through. Therefore, you have to avoid these. Instead, wear cotton fabric clothing and undergarments.

No to petroleum-based lubricants

When the issue is vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse, you may opt to water-based lubricants instead of petroleum-based. This will not disrupt the normal flora’s ecosystem.


How to prevent yeast infections with diet? Eating foods containing acidophilus lactobacillus can help replenish the lost good bacteria that are essential in maintaining the number of yeast agents. These may include yogurt and kefli.

Aside from this, strengthening the immune system is paramount. Take note that the causative agents are opportunistic. Therefore, eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Always present: Hygiene

Even though you have not yet develop yeast infection of the vagina, keeping the area clean by using mild soap could be one of the answers on how to prevent yeast infections. When you clean the vagina, wash and dry the area. Additionally, avoid using harsh soaps and perfumes.

Follow doctor’s prescription

Are you treating other kinds of bacterial infection with antibiotics? It is then imperative that you follow the doctor’s prescription. If it says take the drug for 7 days, then take it for the given duration and do not exceed. The same thing applies in treating yeast infection.

Treat the underlying health condition

Yeast infections often reflect a much serious health issue such as diabetes or cancer. Treating and/ or managing them would be of great help to prevent recurrent infection.

Stress management

Stress can disrupt and weaken the immune system. You then have to sleep on time and allot ample time for yourself to relax from office works. Go and have some fun together with your friends or family.

Switch from high-dose to low-dose contraceptive pills

If you are having recurring yeast infection, you may switch from high-dose to low-dose birth control pills.

The signs and symptoms of yeast infection such as itchiness and pain are indeed frustrating. When you top it up with the cost of treatment, it would be a problematic scenario to be in. However, there are preventive measures that could be practiced at the first place to prevent its development or recurrence. Just take note of the mentioned tips on how to prevent yeast infections. Stay healthy and live well!

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